Prosciutto Wrapped Zucchini

Guess I’m on a recipe kick right now.

I did not make this one up, but felt compelled to share it because it is SO GOOD! It is even better when made with asparagus. I recommend trying both! They make great appetizers, side dishes, or snacks! (Thank you Martha and Emily Bennett for making getting me addicted to these).
You need:
1 medium sized zucchini cut into spears, or 1 bunch of asparagus

1 package of nitrate-free prosciutto (Trader Joe’s has a yummy smoked prociutto for only $4).

Little bit of olive or coconut oil for the skillet

Fresh ground black pepper


Wrap each zucchini spear with one slice of prosciutto. Set aside. Warm a bit of oil in a skillet on medium heat, toss in the yummies, crack a bit of black pepper over the (no need for salt on these babies!), turn every minute or so until zucchini is tender and prosciutto is a little crispy. ENJOY!




2 thoughts on “Prosciutto Wrapped Zucchini

  1. These look so yummy. I am totally going to try these!! Lovin your blog! Love how honest and fun it is. Great mix… Oh, and you are inspiring me to make my own cough syrup… We do our very best to stick with very few ingredients in everything we eat… No processed or modified ANYTHING can’t do that to my kids… Anyway, we still use medicine if we need to for them which helps… But natural couch medicine would be amazing!! Anyway, thanks!

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