Create Your Own Herbal Tea Blend-A Brief Guide

The holiday’s are officially over. Whew!

We’ve eaten our fill of comfort foods and now we are all “resolved” to get back on track, am I right?

If you’re like my family, the roller-coaster of busyness and more sugar than usual has left us all a little sniffley and run down this week.

Now (and always) is an excellent time to drink TEA!

Tea is a lovely thing. It’s a simple, delicious way to give our bodies a boost. It’s medicinal, yet it’s also enjoyable! Those two things rarely go together.

I always keep some good store-bought tea bags on hand for a quick fix, (Traditional Medicinal, Tusli and Yogi make some wonderful herbal teas) but the best way to brew herbal tea is to use loose leaves (dried or fresh) and let them steep for a good, long while. I keep an assortment  of loose leaves on hand at all times to make just the perfect cup for whatever mood or ailment is among us.

I make it to order. My husband likes his tea extra pepperminty, I like mine with more chamomile, and Aria usually gets some lemon balm in hers. Tailoring our tea to our needs is so satisfying, and experiencing how these simple plants are benefiting the health of our family makes it all the more enjoyable!

I’ve put together a short list of a few good herbs to keep on hand for loose leaf brewing. Any combination of the following makes a wonderful, restorative tea for most common ailments. All of these are safe for children as well. Many of these herbs would be easy to grow in pots or your own garden. It’s always preferable to grow your own herbs, but if you buy in bulk, buy local! The Herb Store here in Albuquerque keeps all of these and more on hand.

*Chamomile for calming the nervous system, restoring electrolytes, and relieving stomach issues.

*Echinacea for boosting the immune system. 

*Lemon Balm for a natural lift (antidepressant), delicious lemon flavor, soothing to the nervous system.

*Peppermint leaf for digestion, tummy aches, and coughs, as well as its wonderful flavor.

*Catnip for runny noses, upset tummies, and nausea.

*Red Raspberry leaf for female reproductive health, pregnancy, lactation, and postpartum uterine health

Simply combine the desired leaves to about one tablespoon per cup. Add freshly boiled water and let steep for at least 5 minutes, if not longer. I just leave the bag or infuser in while I drink. The stronger the better!

If you’re interested in trying my Yerba Vida Women’s Health Tea, which includes a few of the above listed herbs, please visit the page for more info. If you have a particular need I’d be happy to chat with you about making a special blend, let me know!

Drink to your health!


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