My Only Comfort

After a nasty fall yesterday morning that resulted in four pinched fingers, I scooped up my sad little lady to asses the damage and offer comfort. She looked up at me, red-faced, tears streaming, and asked for three things. She was dead set on three things that would bring her the most comfort in that moment.

She wanted “peepaah” (her pacifier), “blankie,” and to my surprise, “Bible.”

I was all at once elated and humbled at her instinct to seek comfort in God’s Word in her affliction. How simply and profoundly the Lord used my 18-month-old in that moment to teach and remind me.

How easy it is for me to default to fear, anger, and despair, or to seek comfort in things that do not last. Comfort food, TV, shopping, complaining or “venting,” all fit into that category for me.

Oh, that I would learn to say, even through streaming tears and pain:

Give me God’s Word!

Give me the hope that is found there, and His saving grace that sustains!


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