Watermelon Smoothie to Beat the Heat

I’m nearing 41 weeks pregnant ….and it’s hot.

Southern California apparently does not believe in air conditioning, so I have learned to cool down from the inside out with watermelon!

Watermelon has always been a favorite summer fruit, and one that I seem to consume in major quantitates while pregnant. Turns out it is also VERY good for me. I was surprised to find an awesome website dedicated solely to this lovely fruit. Watermelon contains B6, which is a great vitamin for pregnancy, as well as potassium, vitamin C (great for helping iron absorption
), and vitamin A. Since it’s 92% water, it’s a great way to stay hydrated. In other words, it’s a wonderful fruit to keep munching on (or drinking) through labor as well!

You can read  much more about watermelon’s nutrient properties on the website’s health and nutrition page.

Here’s my simple recipe for a refreshing smoothie to cool down in these last, lingering, hot days and stay hydrated for birth!

Watermelon Smoothie 

1 cup of frozen watermelon pieces (or you can use fresh watermelon and just add a few ice cubes to make it a smoothie)

1/2 cup of coconut water

2-3 TBS lime juice

Blend and enjoy!

*Try it with a few springs of chopped fresh mint leaves for a twist!




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