Whole30 Here We Go….


My palate is dull, my energy levels are down, and my gut feels overworked. I’ve also been leaning a little to hard on the chocolate for those afternoon energy boosts. It’s time to hit the “re-set” button!

Many friends have vouched for this cleanse and its benefits. I’ve danced around the diet for some time now, trying recipes here and there and slowly taking out some unnecessary “go-to” foods.

Finally, I’ve decided to try taking the 30 day challenge for my health, and hopefully to help me better serve my family with more energy!

I plan to begin on February 1st and would love to invite some of you to join! (It’s always nice to have accountability in these things 🙂

I’ll be giving weekly reports and would love to hear feedback from people who have tried it, or are doing it.

To find out all you need to know about this Paleo cleanse, go HERE.

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