About Caitelen

I am a wife and mom, trying to walk by faith, failing often, but finding immense  joy in the messy process.  I’m also a singer, songwriter, poet, foodie, herb nerd, pastor’s wife, home manager, event planner, craft do-er, Dr. Suess reader, lullaby singer, sock finder, dish washer, master chef of dining-in, designer/seamstress of loose buttons, impromptu tea party instigator, baby tickler, toy fixer, chauffeur, source of all wisdom to a toddler, human pillow, human milk dispenser, human first aid, and very blessed and grateful to be all these things!

For what it’s worth, here is my attempt to make the most of my time and talents through sharing recipes and food/health discoveries, as well as some of my musings and confessions along the way.

You can follow my adventures in writing, recording, and performing music on my ARTIST WEBSITE as well.

Thanks for reading!



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